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The world of work is heavily regulated in France. This has increasingly given rise to legal uncertainty, restrictions and employer-employee conflict. Employment law is complex, and changes are frequent. Ignorance of the provisions of employment law can have serious consequences, both for companies, which must comply without fail with a raft of restrictive measures and legal formalities; and individual employees, who often find themselves helpless when confronted with worsening working conditions or when economic duress impacts their most basic employment rights.
Effective advice is now just as crucial as being effectively represented in court.

ASA Avocats Associes AARPI’s employment law department advises and represents both French and foreign business clients (SMEs, micro enterprises, shopkeepers, skilled tradespeople, professionals…) and employees (at management and non-management level).

This dual-expertise is far-removed from the preconceived notion held by many of lawyers as hyper-specialists in just one field. It offers real advantages in terms of helping us understand and predict the demands and sometimes the strategies of the party with whom our clients are negotiating (for example, an employee or prospective employee), or facing in court. In turn, this helps us to best represent our clients’ interests.

We offer a full range of services in many different fields including:

Individual employment relations and contracts of employment

Negotiating, drawing up and modifying employment contracts
Working time
Illness, accident, unfitness to work
Maternity and paternity leave, study/training leave…
Health and safety, prevention of workplace bullying
Retirement and compulsory retirement
Termination of contract: dismissal, notification of termination, termination of contract by judicial decision
Local law in Alsace-Moselle

Collective employment relations and employee representation

Elections, operating procedures, special protection against dismissal for workers’ representatives
Works agreements

Relations with labour/employment rights inspectorate and occupational medicine

Monitoring employees

 Social security rights

Gross negligence relating to workplace accidents or occupational diseases
Disputes and claims heard before social security and pensions tribunals

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