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Since its foundation, our law firm has helped German, Swiss and Austrian companies do business across international borders.

We employ no fewer than 8 German-speaking lawyers, including one who is qualified to practise in both France and Germany. All are culturally rooted in the Upper Rhine region and familiar with the German legal system, EU law and international law. On a daily basis, ASA advises and represents banks and corporate clients based in Germany that are interested in establishing a presence in France or would like to carry out a specific business activity or project here.


We have German-speaking lawyers specialized in every single aspect of business law. This is because we don’t view French-German interaction in the legal sphere as being a specialization in itself like tax or employment law, but as the ability to apply a given expertise to an international context, to act as a bridge between two distinct legal cultures and systems and to cater to our clients’ need for clarity and reassurance, given the sometimes daunting complexity of French law.

ASA regularly offers German law students placements as part of their course of study, is a member of the Deutscher Anwaltverein (the German Bar Association) and, over the years, has created a network of legal contacts and partners in the German-speaking world. This network, which includes a qualified German lawyer, enables the firm to work in Germany on behalf of French clients.

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Admitted to the bar of Strasbourg

Marie-Paule WAGNER

Admitted to the bar of Strasbourg


Admitted to the bar of Strasbourg