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Faced with the rapid expansion of the scope of criminal law, including in areas pertaining to economic activity, the social sphere and the field of customs, ASA Avocats Associés AARPI has developed a team specializing in criminal law.
To deal with the incredible complexity of criminal offences specifically associated with commercial law, road traffic legislation, corporate law, tax law and employment law, this team’s lawyers will advise their clients, whether they’re a defendant or a plaintiff, on the best approach to adopt. They will also accompany them to criminal hearings.


They will also defend their clients’ interests in the event of disciplinary proceedings submitted and heard by professional bodies at regional or national level, whether at first instance or on appeal.

Our lawyers’ field of expertise covers the following areas:

Criminal proceedings

Common law offences (theft, fraud)
Offences relating specifically to corporate law (misuse of company assets, over-valuation of in-kind capital contributions, bankruptcy)
Offences relating to consumer protection law (false advertising)
Directors’ liability and delegation of powers
Assistance during the preliminary enquiry (conducted by police) and the pre-trial judicial investigation (carried out by an examining magistrate) stages
Offering assistance to, defending and representing clients in front of the full range of criminal courts
Preparing for court hearings
Lodging a complaint and making a claim for damages (adhesion procedure)
Proceedings and claims at the Commission d’Indemnisation des Victimes d’Infraction (similar to the UK’s Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority)
Assistance in recovering damages awarded by the courts
Disputes over the adjustment of sentences e.g. early release

Criminal law legal advice

Analysis of corporate criminal liability with a view to ensuring businesses adhere to the requirements of the criminal code
Advice relating to a range of legal transactions, arrangements and structures
Advice on compliance with statutory requirements governing certain sales/marketing activities (especially advertising)
Advice on compliance with waste disposal regulations

Disciplinary proceedings

Civil service disciplinary proceedings
Disciplinary proceedings instituted by bodies representing the medical profession, pharmacists, accountants and the like
Disciplinary proceedings in the prison environment

Lawyers working in this domain


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