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ASA Avocats Associés has been offering its expertise for many years to health professionals, dental surgeons, doctors and nurses, all of whom have to deal with performance assessments and complaints from patients and colleagues.

Maître Grégory KOWALIK regularly advises and assists medical practitioners, whether they are self-employed or employed by the public sector, as well as the members of the healthcare professionals unions which have hired him to act as their legal advisor.


Patients who have fallen foul of medical errors or no-fault medical accidents will also find a listening ear and effective representation at our practice.

ASA Avocats Associés work on cases involving:

Professional regulatory bodies

Departmental boards of the French medical association
National board of the French medical association
Disciplinary committees
Committees dealing with complaints relating to persons covered by health insurance

In the civil courts

Requests for medical expert reports/witnesses
Compensation claims procedures

In social security tribunals

Requests for recovery of sums paid though not due (benefit overpayments)
Various disputes/claims relating to social security/benefits-related issues

Lawyers working in this domain


Admitted to the bar of Strasbourg